Napoleon Agency was born in 2011 from that will of offering a digital agency able to conciliate ergonomy and graphic design, useful and palatable. This is how we enrich user’s experience and therefore your website’s performances.

Key numbers

  • 6 years old of existence

  • 26 contributors

  • 35 000 users studied

  • +70% growth over 3 years


  • The user in the core of the approach

    Napoléon, since its creation, works towards a different offer from the other digital agencies: a user-centered approach, in order to better meet his expectations. It has nothing to do with a posture, but it’s a real requirement that leads to the study of the needs, expectations, aptitudes, usages, and user's behaviors upstream conception, and by the thorough test of des devices before their publishing.

  • A UX methodology serving performance

    Thanks to the respect of the essential steps to this approach, Napoléon conceive devices answering to the objectives established by its clients as well as the user's expectations. Each project is cared over by an experts team. Ergonomists, designers and HTML integrators determine which will be the best strategy to reach your objectives and collaborate all along the project.

  • Proximity and responsivness

    We do work side by side with our clients to identify their business and job problematics and to answer including consumers studies returns. For example, we set co-conception workshops, and we prefer frequent iterations flexibility.

Our jobs

Ergonomists, ethnologists, data analysts, UX designers, art directors, html integrators, project managers, conception directors, clients directors.


  • Alizé

    Chef de projet

  • Amandine

    Directrice projet

  • Axel

    Lead intégration

  • Bastien

    UX designer

  • Bérangère

    Office manager

  • Caroline

    Directrice conseil

  • Claire

    Art director junior

  • Clémence

    Chef de projet

  • Clémentine

    Chef de projet

  • Émilie


  • Jessica

    UX designer

  • Laura

    Art director junior

  • Lise

    Art Director

  • Loic

    UX designer junior

  • Margaux

    UX designer

  • Mario

    Art director

  • Paul


  • Polina

    UX designer junior

  • Rachel

    Lead UX

  • Stéphane

    UX designer, fondateur

A test lab

Napoléon Agency is getting its own tests lab.
Our objective: allowing you to better understand your users’s expectations. Equiped with a one-way glass, this device allows to realize users tests, group focuses, map sortings, ideation workshops and consumers interviews.

An international partners network

We are leading our studies everywhere in France but also abroad (North America, Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Eastern Europe).


Our adress :

1bis boulevard Richard Lenoir
75011 Paris

Our details :

01 48 07 32 34

Your contacts :

Founder : Stéphane Paredes
Sales management : Joséphine Lefranc
Office Manager : Bérangère Lehouck