The whole agency’s expertises (from users studies to HTML integration, including UX and UI) is based on a users-centered methodology and an experts team : Ergonomists - Ethnologists - Data analysts- UX designers - Art directors - HTML Integrators

Users studies

Analyse the users' expectations and needs as well as the business' evolutions.

  • Site's ergonomical audit (based on the criterias by Bastien & Scapin)
  • Functional benchmark & competitive analysis
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Focus groups
  • Online surveys
  • Map sorting
  • User tests & eye tracking (on existing devices)
  • data analysis (analytics)

UX conception

Design innovative solutions user-centered : information architecture and interaction design.

  • Personæ
  • Paths
  • Site arborescence
  • Screenwriting and macro-zoning
  • Detailed wireframes
  • Content organisation and management

Graphic design

Materialize the devised solutions in the form of a grapfic interface, from desktop to connected objects.

  • Moodboards
  • Graphic identity
  • Creatives intentions
  • Graphic mock-ups
  • Iconographic recommandations

Users tests

Confirm from users the relevance of the choices made in terms of user experience and interface.

  • Quantitative tests (AB test)
  • Qualitative tests en présentiel
  • Online qualitative tests
  • Eye tracking

HTML integration

Ensure the user's experience quality thanks to the technological expertise.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Documentation
  • Coordination with the back-end development
  • Recette