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  • Client Lapeyre
  • Rôle UX, UI

As part of the whole re-positioning of the brand, Lapeyre call Napoléon to re-design the entire e-commerce website.

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Goals & challenges

  1. Improving user experience on the website.
  2. Understanding needs of a wide range of users.
  3. Designing specific listing pages : « we don’t buy a kitchen as a window ».


Audit and test to identify the pros and cons of the actual proposal.

UX / UI optimisation of the master listing page, the funnel and the personal account.

Interviews with experts in 5 main areas (Kitchen – Window – Bathroom – Storage – Outside).

Thematic workshops (Store manager / catalog / marketing / communication / product / digital).

UX / UI design by specific universes.

In numbers

  • 39 Users studied

  • 12 Workshops

  • 1 Focus team

Design & deliverables

An e-commerce responsive website designed to meet identified users’ expectations.