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  • Client L’Oréal Professionnel
  • Role UX, UI

Conception and design of the international master site of the famous professional hair products brand

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Goals & stakes

  1. Allow users to learn the ways of the brand’s values and its products’ benefits
  2. Present the last innovations and trends about hair cares, hair stylers and colouring
  3. Encourage women to go back to the salons in order to appreciate their professional expertise


Thorough users studies (ethnographic study within a salon and tests on the existing website) allowing to define relevant personae and journeys

A “war room” mode conception work to favour a better collaboration between Napoléon’s teams and L’Oréal Professionnel’s, and to keep to the tight time schedule

A modular and responsive conception allowing an optimal localisation of the website in every country

A stylish art direction enhancing the brand’s inspiring visual dimension

A demanding integration assuring an optimal usage of the site on every support

In Numbers

  • 1 War room

  • 5 months for the whole project, and as many piloting comittees

  • 10 experts for a dream team

  • 36 tested users during 3 tests sessions

  • 6 personae and as many journeys

  • 19 usable modules in the whole products space

Conception & deliverables

A responsive master website, conceived in English and French, dedicated to 20 countries, and composed of 8 specific templates