UX Tools

Good reflexes to know before starting a user centered project.

User centered

Understand the behavior of the user in the context of using an interface.

Research and methodology

Study the interaction of the user with different devices, including habits, frustrations and emotions. Identify the main design principles that will meet the needs of users.

Business strategy

Constant improvement of the user experience is necessary for a brand’s reputation and success.
The quality of an experience will encourage the user to prefer one product over another.

  • Identify the scope of the project and observe user behavior.

    1. Tri de cartes
    2. Interview
    3. Éthnographie
    4. Audit
    5. Questionnaire
    6. Shadowing
    7. How might we
    8. Test utilisateurs
  • Define goals, courses and features based on the needs of users and those of the brand.

    1. Canvas
    2. User journey / story
    3. Flowchart
    4. Site map
    5. Personae
    6. Stress cases
    7. Empathy map
    8. Hypothèses
  • Design interfaces and interactions that enhance the user experience.

    1. Sketching
    2. Wireframing
    3. Prototype
    4. 6UP
    5. Moodboard
    6. Design interaction
    7. Kit ui
    8. Maquette
  • Test the interfaces and learn from them before final design.

    1. Test utilisateur
    2. Eye tracking
    3. A/B Testing
    4. Specificate sanct
    5. Template